South Australian Indian Medical Association (SAIMA) was incorporated on 17th June 2008.

The organisation aims to provide a common platform for health professionals interested in the Indian Subcontinent. SAIMA members meet at regular intervals for social, cultural and scientific activities.


To promote the provision of high quality services by the members of the Association to communities belonging to Indian subcontinent which will enhance the quality of their life, rights and dignity.

To promote health issues affecting the communities belonging to Indian subcontinent in South Australia.

To provide a united voice in lobbying for recognition and implementation of appropriate and adequate service provision for the members.

To provide a vehicle for the dissemination of information and support for members.

To lobby for the provision of professional support to members already employed providing services to the community.

To provide information about continuing education opportunities and to conduct activities which will promote the level of expertise in serving the particular needs of members.

To liaise with other organisations to enable members to have access to information relevant to practice in developing countries.

To provide representation on relevant professional forums.

To seek from governmental and private bodies and agencies, funds by way of loan, grant or donation for the purpose of advancing the objects of the Association.

Please CLICK HERE for a copy of the SAIMA Constitution.